A One Pint Stand Brewers’ Roundtable w/ Kabel Lefto, Shaun Lill, & Riley Yawn-White

A One Pint Stand

On this episode, Dan Beaubien sits down with some of his brewing buddies to talk about their respective journeys into brewing. Shaun Lill (HeadFlyer Brewing), Kabel Lefto (Formerly Lakes & Legends Brewing and now Wabasha Brewing), and Riley Yawn-White (9 Mile Brewing) were nice enough to sit down to share their experiences on A One Pint Stand.

A Conversation About Sobriety in the Craft Beer Industry A One Pint Stand

I sit down with Kabel Lefto (Head Brewer at Wabasha Brewing) and Nate Schneider (Vice President of Invictus Brewing & Co-Owner of Trove Brewing) at Arbeiter Brewing to talk about how working in close proximity to alcohol can be challenging for the wellness of people in the craft beverage industry. We talk about taking a break from alcohol or becoming sober altogether. The conversation is enlightening because of Kabel and Nate's extensive experiences in and around the Minnesota craft beer industry. The industry has a responsibility in making the community that we all love and cherish a place for everyone, including those who are choosing a lifestyle that does not include alcohol. This is the first of many conversation we will be having on this podcast about wellness and shining a brighter light on the importance of mental health in the craft beverage industry. I hope you find the conversation thought-provoking. Cheers!
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