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A One Pint Stand

Dan Beaubien has been a beer writer since 2014. He started out at Beerploma as a writer and eventually was elevated to Editor-in-Chief. During his 8 years at Beerploma, he created his own craft beer podcast, A One Pint Stand. In late 2022, Dan stepped away from Beerploma to create his own blog. A One Pint Stand is his vision realized. A One Pint Stand is a place to read and hear Dan help tell the stories of Minnesota craft beer and beyond. It is Dan’s voice, thoughts, and bad jokes all at one online haven.

When it comes to craft beer, Dan is a fan of most beer styles. Although, he gravitates towards British-inspired ales and classically brewed lagers. Of course, there isn’t really a beer he won’t try. Dan takes so much inspiration from the people he meets in and around the beer industry. The story of how a brewery comes to be is something that Dan finds fascinating. However, it is the marvel of how beer brings people together that fuels his passion for writing and recording his stories. Hopefully you find his voice to be inviting, accessible, and engaging. Cheers!

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Dan’s email address is: beaubiwankenobi@gmail.com if you would prefer to message him directly.