A Colossal Beer Chat with Nate Schneider of Invictus Brewing

Nate Schneider is one of the folks behind the madness up at Invictus Brewing Company in Blaine, Minnesota. He wears many hats for Invictus Brewing. Nate is as good as it gets when it comes to promoting the wonderment of Minnesota’s craft beer scene. In addition to working at Invictus Brewing, Nate is also the Communication Chair for the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild. Our conversation is a stream of consciousness that flows through many craft beer topics. This is part 1 of my interview with Nate.

Brewers Behind the Beers at La Doña Cervecería: My Interview w/ Dicky and Britt A One Pint Stand

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dicky (Head Brewer) and Britt (Assistant Brewer) who brew the wonderful beers at La Doña Cervecería in Minneapolis, MN. While Dicky is an industry veteran and has brewed at Surly, NorthGate, and Fulton before becoming Head Brewer and part-owner at La Doña, Britt is 6 months into her brewing career. Together, they are a formidable brewing team who feed off of each other's creativity and passion for making craft beer accessible for all. Our conversation is a mix of things from the beers that are flowing at La Doña to how brewers strive to maintain a work/life balance when they have families. It is a great conversation and I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did! Cheers!
  1. Brewers Behind the Beers at La Doña Cervecería: My Interview w/ Dicky and Britt
  2. A Conversation About Sobriety in the Craft Beer Industry
  3. My Interview with 56 Brewing Company
  4. Wandering Leaf Brewing Company: My Interview w/ Owners Matt Holton & Rob Reisdorf
  5. Women Who Brew: My Interview w/ Bri Smith & Sophia Missaghi

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